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Why? Why did you do it?

Excelity has been underway for a bit.  We started quietly and softly to make sure we had a stable corporate structure and not taking on too much too fast.  Kim and I have seen challenges with doing that across our careers and wanted to ensure we weren’t trying to grow without the appropriate structure in place.  With that said, we are often asked by employees and potential hires…Why?

We have seen across our careers a challenge of rapidly bringing mission related solutions into the hands of the users.  We have seen mission users starving for capability that enables them to execute more efficiently with greater precision.  We want to help with that.  We are passionate about creating a company that empowers Excelity team members to grow, to be creative, to be innovative…because we know that is what allows people to perform and deliver results for our clients.

We focus on our corporate culture and processes on the needs of Excelity team members.  This approach enables them to focus on what they need to do to deliver results.  We help them to grow.  We empower them to push boundaries of doing new things better and differently because we passionately believe it is the way to deliver better results.   We are building a company of top IT professionals, engineers, and analysts in the industry and excited to provide solutions to solve tough challenges for our clients.  The mission demands it.  To reach out and engage, send us an email to  We look forward to hearing from you.